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Welcome to the Skywagon Club web site!

The Skywagon Club is based at Morristown Municipal Airport (KMMU/MMU), Morristown, New Jersey.

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Skywagon Club Aircraft

Cessna 172 180 HP

Our 180 HP Cessna 172 is great for taking a trip from Morristown Airport.

Cessna 172's

Our two (2) Cessna 172's are not only available for training within the organization but also for taking those well deserved trips to locations within reasonable distances from Morristown.

Cessna 182

Our Cessna 182 provides our membership to "step up" to a high performance aircraft allowing additional training and the ability to go on longer trips without those nagging fuel stops.


Our Mooney is a complex aircraft. This aircraft is also a great trip aircraft. Being a complex aircraft, it is an avenue for up and coming pilots to train for their commercial rating, should they be so inclined.

Skywagon Club Info

The Skywagon Club has been in existence for over 30 years and was designed to provide the serious pilot with easy access to a range of aircraft to match his or her needs. The Club prides itself on providing aircraft at an affordable rate.
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