Club rates for the aircraft are reasonable. All aircraft, are IFR equipped and are provided to the members on a tachometer time wet basis. What does this mean to the member? We pay for the fuel and oil and you are charged using the engine tachometer, not the “clock” (hobbs meter). At a larger airport, or for instrument flying, this can be a major cost savings.

Aircraft are fairly accessible. With only 10 to 15 members per aircraft, a member can usually find an aircraft for local flight and, with a little bit of advanced planning, can arrange for an aircraft for a full day, a weekend or an extended trip, something not afforded by the flight schools.

Club instructors are available to provide training for additional ratings, check rides, BFR’s,

Instrument competency rides, and training in general.

N19667 Cessna 172


N9081H Cessna 172


N734AC Cessna 172 180hp


N71890 Cessna 180


N9078V Mooney